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<SG3> Not Meeting Any of Case A-F Still a Violation?

9 months ago

&lt;SG3&gt; Stay away from your opponent’s protected areas.

For the questions below, let's assume the red robot does not perform any action that meets &lt;SG3&gt; Case A-F criteria, will any of the case below result in violation?

  1. Red robot enters blue robot's outer protected zone
  2. Red robot stays partially or fully in blue robot's outer protected zone
  3. Red robot enters and exists blue robot's outer protected zone repeatedly

Given that the red robot's action does not meet &lt;SG3&gt; A-F criteria, my interpretation is that all 3 cases listed above would not result in violation even if red robot's intention is to prevent the blue robot from scoring. 

Answered by Game Design Committee

As written, the three scenarios you have listed do not meet any of the conditions listed in cases A through G of SG3. Therefore, they are legal, provided that no other rules are being violated.