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Unanswered VEXU Q&As?

1 month ago

There are number of VEXU Q&As that have remained unanswered for months, with some being over 6 months old. Here are links to the ones that I could find:

I suspect that the reason may be due to a quirk in the way that the Q&A software works this year; for some reason, questions which are posted in the VEXU Q&A ( do not show up in the VRC Q&A (

Indeed, as I am writing this there is one question on the front page of the VEXU forum ( which is not present on the VRC forum.

Would it be possible for these questions to be addressed? Thanks!

(Sorry for not posting this in the VEXU Q&A, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't get seen if it were there becasue of the above reason)