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Official Q&A: VRC 2019-2020: Tower Takeover Usage Guidelines

<R12> Non-functional decoration.

Pascal Chesnais (Event Partner)
7 months ago

In the Game Manual it states in <R12> that the Inspector will have final say as to whether as to what is considered non-functional decoration. Given that Inspectors do not go through the same training as many Head Referees, what happens when a Head Referee deems something as functional? <T1> says the Head Referee has the ultimate say about what is permissible in matches.

Which has precedent? <R12> or <T1>?

Answered by Game Design Committee

This scenario is covered by rule R2-e, which states the following:

If a Robot has passed inspection, but is later found to be in violation of a Robot rule during a Match, then they will be Disqualified from that Match and <R2d> will apply until the violation is remedied and the Team is re-inspected.

R2-e is primarily intended for a scenario where a Robot has been modified since inspection. However, it is also intended as a "catch" for a scenario where a Head Referee identifies a violation that an inspector may have missed.

Most Robot rules can be considered as "inspection rules", in the context that there may not be a Head Referee present during inspection. So, statements such as "inspectors have the final say" imply that this is being questioned during inspection. Once a Robot passes inspection, R2-e and T1 come into effect for the duration of the Tournament.