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3d Printed License Plate Holders

Jason Price (Event Partner)
10 months ago

On the vex forum there are discussions of 3D Printed License Plate Holders. But, "Anything written on the forum is just chit-chat and can’t be used to prove anything to EPs or tournament hosts." I find this to be confusing because many teams are posting their designs online and are not distinguishing whether they are VRC or VEXU. I can see a team showing up at a tournament with a 3D Printed License Plate Holder and trying to prove to the EP it is legal by showing discussions that it is allowed because "Team A" is doing it, and "Team A" happens to be a VEXU team.

I would like to officially ask if 3D Printed License Plate holders are allowed on the VRC robot (Middle School & High School) as long as it "would be considered a non-functional decoration as described" by <R12> & <R28> or are 3D Printed License Plate Holders only allowed on the VEXU robots due to the abundance of resources allowed for them to use (including 3D printed materials)?

Answered by Game Design Committee

3D printed non-functional decorations are permitted in VRC, provided that they satisfy the constraints of R12. R12 is partially quoted below:

<R12> Decorations are allowed. Teams may add non-functional decorations, provided that they do not affect Robot performance in any significant way or affect the outcome of the Match. These decorations must be in the spirit of the competition. Inspectors will have final say in what is considered “non-functional”. Unless otherwise specified below, non-functional decorations are governed by all standard Robot rules.

In order to be “non-functional,” any guards, decals, or other decorations must be backed by legal materials that provide the same functionality. For example, if your Robot has a giant decal that prevents Cubes from falling out of the Robot, the decal must be backed by VEX material that would also prevent the Cubes from falling out.

It is impossible to issue a blanket ruling that would apply to all hypothetical decorations and Robot designs; inspectors will have the final say in what is considered "non-functional". The most common thought experiment used in this determination is to ask what would happen if the decoration were removed from the Robot. Is the hypothetical License Plate holder being used to join structural pieces together, to guide Cubes, etc?

We would also ask teams to bear in mind this similar Q&A, specifically the following point:

Teams wishing to utilize custom-made license plates should be prepared for the possibility of this judgment, and ensure that they are prepared to replace any custom parts with official VEX License Plates if requested. Not bringing official replacement plates to an event will not be an acceptable reason for overlooking a violation of one or more points in R28.