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can I use a Coiled Handset Cable to connect the brain to a motor

7 months ago

we are trying to make a extending arm and we need the wire to do the same.can i use a Coiled Handset Cable.

Answered by Game Design Committee

The Coiled Handset Cable is not a standard V5 cable. The only allowance for non-standard V5 cables can be found in R23, quoted below with a portion bolded for emphasis:

<R23> Custom V5 Smart Cables are allowed. Teams must use official V5 Smart Cable Stock but may use commodity 4P4C connectors and 4P4C crimping tools. Teams who create custom cables acknowledge that incorrect wiring may have undesired results.

The Coiled Handset Cable is not made from standard/official V5 Smart Cable Stock, and is therefore not legal for use with V5 electronics.