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Official Q&A: VRC 2019-2020: Tower Takeover Usage Guidelines

3D Printed license plate

Daniel Kober (Event Partner)
1 year ago

Would it be legal to 3D print the license plates with the team letters "built in" to the license plate?

Answered by Game Design Committee

This is legal, provided that every point in R28 and R12 are met.

< R28 > Robots must have team identification plates. License Plates with VEX Team ID# must be clearly visible and legible at all times on a minimum of two opposing sides. License Plates must not be in a position that would be easily obstructed by a Robot mechanism during standard Match play.

a. Robots must use the colored plates that match their Alliance color for each Match (i.e. red Alliance Robots must have their red plates on for the Match). It must be abundantly clear which color Alliance the Robot belongs to.

i. If the plates are attached to opposite-color plates, then the incorrect color must be covered, taped over, or otherwise obscured to ensure that the correct Alliance color is abundantly clear to Head Referees during a Match. Since License Plates are considered non-functional decorations, this is a legal non-functional use of tape.

b. The VRC License Plates are considered a non-functional decoration, and cannot be used as a functional part of the Robot per <R12>.

c. License Plates must fulfill all Robot rules (i.e. they must fit within the 18” cube per <R4>, they cannot cause entanglement, etc.)

The intent of this rule is to make it very easy for Head Referees to know which Alliance and which Team each Robot belongs to. Being able to “see through” a Robot arm to the wrong color License Plate on the opposite side of the Robot would be considered a violation of <R28>.

We are not going to provide a list of acceptable RGB values, font widths, minimum sizes, etc that will need to be satisfied; it will be at the full discretion of the Head Referee and inspector at a given event to determine whether a given custom license plate makes it abundantly clear which Alliance and which Team a Robot belongs to.

With this in mind, Teams wishing to utilize custom-made license plates should be prepared for the possibility of this judgment, and ensure that they are prepared to replace any custom parts with official VEX License Plates if requested. Not bringing official replacement plates to an event will not be an acceptable reason for overlooking a violation of one or more points in R28.