Official Q&A: VRC 2019-2020: Tower Takeover Usage Guidelines

Does <G6> the "Drive your own Robot" rule apply to scrimmages?

Jerry Palardy (Event Partner)
7 months ago

Regarding rule <G6> "Drive your own Robot. Each Team shall include up to three Drive Team Members. No Drive Team Member may fulfill this role for more than one Team in a given competition season."

In general does this rule apply to scrimmages? If so, then when does the "competition season" start? In our region there are many summer camps, and scrimmages that occur before school starts, and before any qualifying events. Teams that attend summer scrimmages may or may not intend on staying together when school starts. Do they need to be concerned about violating <G6>?

Answered by Game Design Committee

The Game Manual describes a set of rules used to play Tower Takeover. It is up to any given tournament organizer to determine the application of that ruleset that best fits their tournament structure. In this context, "tournament organizer" does not mean "Event Partner", it means "governing organization", such as the REC Foundation, SkillsUSA, CREATE, TSA, or any other organization that utilizes Tower Takeover as their game.

For the purposes of this answer, in the context of this Q&A system, it is a fair assumption that you are referring to official VEX Robotics Competition events governed by the REC Foundation. So, the VRC Qualifying Criteria document defines the way in which VRC Tower Takeover rules are applied to official REC Foundation tournaments.

VRC official qualifying events (Tournaments and Leagues) must meet the following criteria:


Qualifying events must follow the rules and guidelines in these documents and manuals:

  1. Official Game Manual including tournament/alliance selection guidelines.

Scrimmages, internal practices, or other non-REC-Foundation-sanctioned gatherings are not considered official Tournaments by this document. Therefore, there is no expectation by the GDC that an unofficial event has rigidly followed the Game Manual as an official qualifying Tournament would.

To be more explicit - in the context of G6, a rule which spans multiple events, there is no expectation by the GDC that unofficial events should factor into its enforcement at an official Tournament.