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SG2 - B 36 inch expansion


Can you clarify how the 36" expansion will be measured? For example, last season one of my teams built a robot that expanded to 35" front to back to make sure that they were under the 36" rule. At one tournament, the robot was measured from the back corner diagonally across the robot. This dimension was 37.6" and they were sent back to the pits to fix the issue. Is this the correct procedure? I have created a model of two robots to help clarify.

  1. Is robot A or B legal? pdf
  2. Should the diagonal also consider from top to bottom? (the 38" dimension on robot B) Does this make robot B also out of dimension?
Answered by Game Design Committee

Thank you for the images to help clarify your question. The 36" dimension will be measured by a Robot Expansion Sizing Tool, which measures point-to-point horizontal distance. The 36" limit is a point-to-point horizontal limit, not a perfect square or X/Y distance.

The procedure you described from last year's inspection sounds like the correct interpretation of this rule.

In your linked images, Robot A would not be legal. Robot B would be legal.

No, the vertical diagonal should not be considered. Robot B is still legal, despite the dimension that the blue arrow is pointing to.