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Making V5 Smart Cables


Copied from: The_Original_Kev May 7 According to R16:

i. Using the V5 Smart Cable Crimp Tool, V5 Smart Cable Stock, and V5 Smart Cable Connectors to create custom-length Smart Cables is permissible. Teams who use custom cables acknowledge that incorrect wiring may have undesired results.

Alternatives can be used if they are identical to vex parts. Is there any difference between commercially available rJ11 cables and the VEX V5 Official cables or are they completely identical, and if they are identical, are teams allowed to use alternatives.

Answered by Game Design Committee

The V5 Smart Cables are not identical to all off-the-shelf 4p4c cables. VEX cables are built to a certain specification to fully support the features of V5 Smart Motors and sensors. As we cannot guarantee that off-the-shelf cables are built to this same spec, they may not perform as expected and could pose a potential safety hazard. Thus, they are not permitted. Inspectors can verify that a team is using official cables by checking for "V5" logos that are stamped along the cable.