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Shooting Caps Off Posts

Jerry Palardy (Event Partner)

Regarding <SG8>.

Teams may not intentionally or strategically remove Game Objects from the field.

Some robots are capable of knocking caps off posts by shooting balls at them. If the ball hits the far underside of the cap just right it can knock it back onto the playing field. However, either the cap or ball, and most likely both, will leave the playing field.

Would this strategy be considered a violation of SG8?

Answered by Game Design Committee

This strategy would be considered a violation of <SG8>, and potentially a serious violation of <S1> depending on the specifics of the interaction. Robots should not be intentionally shooting Balls out of the field, especially not directly towards Alliance Stations (where the Posts are), regardless if the Balls leave the field or not.

<S1> Be safe out there. If at any time the Robot operation or Team actions are deemed unsafe or have damaged any Field Elements or Game Objects, the offending Team may be Disabled and/or Disqualified at the discretion of the Head Referee. The Robot will require re-inspection before it may again take the field.