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Official Q&A: VIQRC 2023-2024: Full Volume

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Welcome to the official VEX IQ Robotics Competition Question & Answer system, where all registered teams have the opportunity to ask for official rules interpretations and clarifications. This Q&A system is the only source for official VIQRC Full Volume rules clarifications, and the clarifications made here from the Game Design Committee (GDC) are considered as official and binding as the written Game Manual itself.

Please review the Q&A Usage Guidelines before posting. This system is only intended for specific VIQRC Full Volume rules questions.

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Questions with tag: SG3

Red block placement of leaves field

New Question New Answer SG3  

Driving the Robot while one team member ("non-active driver") is outside of the Driver Station

Renne Nance
New Question New Answer G8   G10   SG3  

Drivers returning blocks outside of the field to the supply zone

Renne Nance
New Question New Answer G8   SG3  

Clarification on Rule SG3

Brett Grayson (Event Partner)
New Question New Answer G8   SG3  

Blocks being placed back in supply zone and under control of robot.

Cody Clay (Event Partner)
New Question New Answer SG3  

Returning Blocks to/in the supply zone during the match.

Cody Clay (Event Partner)
New Question New Answer SG3   SG4