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Reseting the robot during autonmous skills challenge


During the resetting of a robot during a autonomous skills match can the player enter the field to retrieve their robot? If they do, what is the punishment if they accidently move a block?


Answered by committee

As described in the final paragraph of rule <G10>,

If the Drivers cannot reach the Robot due to the Robot being in the center of the Field, the Drivers may ask the Head Referee to pick up the Robot and hand it to the Drivers for placement according to the conditions above.

This guidance also applies to rule <RSC5>. A Team that enters the field in a way other than reaching in to retrieve a Robot during a Robot reset should receive a minor Violation of <G9> if the Violation does not affect the score of the Match (e.g., does not move any Blocks into scored positions).

Q&A 1742 addresses cases in which the score is affected during a Robot reset, and specifies that those should be handled as Score Affecting Violations of rule <G9> that result in Disqualification for the Match.