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Adding Team Members for Worlds


I have a team that has already qualified for VEX IQ worlds and they would like to add support members from another team. Is this permissible? I have read G4 and it does not provide complete clarity. Please advise. How are support members defined? <G4>

Answered by committee

As described in the first paragraph of rule <G4>,

Each Team must include Drivers, Programmer(s), Designer(s), and Builder(s). No Student may fulfill any of these roles for more than one VEX IQ Robotics Competition Team in a given competition season.

Clause B of rule <G4> states that:

When a Team qualifies for a Championship event (e.g., States, Nationals, Worlds, etc.) the Students on the Team attending the Championship event are expected to be the same Students on the Team that was awarded the spot. Students can be added as support to the Team, but may not be added as Drivers or Programmers for the Team.

Clause B of rule <G4> is intended to provide a way for students whose Teams did not qualify for a Championship event to assist a qualifying Team in support roles and get the experience of a Championship event. These new support members may not fill a key role (Driver, Programmer, Designer, Builder, or Notebooker) on the new Team, except in instances where clause G4bi applies. Examples of legal roles for these support members include, but are not limited to: battery management, scouting, photographer, and videographer.