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Clarification of <S1> as it pertains to <RSC5> (autonomous) and <G10> (general) - robot motion while repositioning/repairing



Has there been a clarification or rule change since QA 1820 (linked above) has been issued? Specifically: 1 - If an intake is in motion can the robot be reset during autonomous periods without stopping the program first? 2 - If the robot's drive train is still running can the robot be reset while the wheels are in motion (waiting for the running program to stop before placing it on the field)? 3 - If <S1> has been clarified to mean all motion must stop before the robot can be positioned is it allowable to use a touch LED to perform this control instead of stopping the running program (e.g. to preserve gyro calibration)? 4 - Are the above questions applicable to driver skills and teamwork challenges as well (via <G10>)?

We were informed that this was an official rule change or clarification "from just four days ago" but I can't find it in the Q&A and there isn't a game manual update that I can find that addresses it.

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