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SG2 - Horizontal Expansion is limited during a Match

Renne Nance

<SG2> At a recent Elementary School only event, during a driving skills match, the "Head Referee" determined the robot on the field expanded beyond the 11" x 20" horizontal limits as set forth in <SG2> when an arm was raised that had a device attached to transfer blocks from the playing field to one of the goals even though it had "passed" inspection at check-in. The team was disqualified and received a zero score for that particular skills challenge. Was the referee correct in disqualifying that team? Also, pursuant to <R3e>, could/should that team have been required to remedy their situation (exceeding horizontal expansion limits during a match) and be reinspected prior to participating any other (skills or team challenge) matches?

Answered by committee

This scenario is addressed by rule <R3>, specifically clauses "d" and "e":

d. Robots which have not passed inspection (i.e., that are in Violation of one or more Robot rules) will not be permitted to play in any Matches until they have done so. <T6> will apply to any Matches that occur until the Robot has passed inspection.

e. If a Robot has passed inspection, but is later found to be in Violation of a Robot rule during or immediately following a Match, then they will be Disqualified from that Match and <R3d> / <T6> will apply until the Violation is remedied and the Team is re-inspected.