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Robot Dimensions Swaying Bin




Our team has a robot similar to the hero bot with a lifting bin, but the bin width is about 10.5 inches wide. Similar to the Ben Lipper robot found on youtube: There was a comment by a judge that when we raise the bin and turn right or left quickly, the bin may sway and make the robot exceed the 11" width limit and we were told we would get disqualified. It seems like any robot with an arm design with a lifting bin close to the width limitation has the potential of swaying further wide which would invalidate many robots from competing. Can you please clarify this rule, would this inadvertant, unintended swaying of the bin when it is raised be a violation of the SG2 rule?

Answered by committee

Yes, assuming the Robot actually exceeds the 11" measurement as its mechanism sways this would be a violation of rule <SG2>, which reads (bold added for emphasis):

Robots may not expand horizontally beyond the 11” x 20” starting dimension limit at any time during a Match.