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Official Q&A: VIQRC 2023-2024: Full Volume

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Does rule <RSC4> applies to each session of the League


Vex IQ Full Volume Rules mention twice that "Each Team will get the opportunity to play exactly three (3) Driving Skills Matches and three (3) Autonomous Coding Skills Matches." RSC4

Does this apply to each session of the League in the League that offers Skills?

We have a small team (1970A) of 2 people and run into a problem that there were simply not enough time to do more than 3 attempts at Skills total. There was 1 Skills field, lots of teams. Kids started on a dot at 9:00am, managed to do 3 autonomous runs. As autonomous was deemed to be most crucial part, with driving part considered easy... But after that Team matches started and there was not enough time to complete even 1 Skills driving match in next 2 hours. Kids stood in Skills line for 20+ minutes, got called for a Teams match, had to abandon line.... repeat 4 times. Didn't get to the front of the line once... Skills field closed at 11:30. The end.

So in all honesty team was NOT given opportunity to do 3+3 matches. While doing everything they can to post score and basically staying in Skills line all the time when not engaged in Teams matches. Seems completely unfair and against the rule RSC4. So does that rule applies to each session of the League?

Subsequent Question: If the rule RSC4 doesn't apply to each session in the League... Than that logically means it doesn't apply to Leagues at all? Because on a page B5 of the Game Manual 2.1 it explains that Skill ranking at the Leagues are the best ranking from each session, and can't be combined. So if League doesn't have to provide opportunity for 3+3 Skills matches at each session, and the results can not be combined across different sessions, than in our case it's entirely possible that there will be no opportunity in all sessions - i.e. the entire League Event. When in this particular League agenda it says "Skills Challenge Offered: Yes" <RSC4>

Answered by committee

Yes. As described in the REC Foundation's official Qualifying Criteria document, up to three Driving and three Autonomous Coding Skills Challenge attempts may be played by each Team in each league Ranking Session.

We suggest that you reach out to your REC Foundation Team Engagement Manager regarding your Team's experience at your local league, as that is beyond the scope of this Q&A and the GDC to address.