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Timer ends while dumping blocks


If a robot is dumping a full load of blocks into the scoring zone when the time ends and multiple blocks continue to fall in after time ends, how is the score determined if it is too hard to tell how many blocks fell after time ended? Any blocks still in contact with the robot shouldn't be counted that can be impossible to determine in some instances. Is there any penalty for continuing to dump after the buzzer or are the blocks just removed from the zone? <SC1>

Answered by committee

The December 5th Game Manual update included the following additions to rule <SC1>, which should address your question. If not, feel free to rephrase and re-submit.

Any Scoring into Goals which happens after the Match, even if Robots have stopped moving, will result in that Goal being considered “empty”. All Blocks in the Goal will receive zero points, and the Goal will not receive any points for a Uniform Bonus. The Goal will not have reached any Fill Level, therefore no Height Bonus will be awarded.

Violation Notes: A Team’s first instance of Scoring a Block after the end of the Match will be considered a Minor Violation. Subsequent Violations will be recorded as Major Violations and Disqualifications.