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sharon ricardo (Event Partner)


hi, are teams allowed to use the large field element plastic sheet on robot?

Answered by committee

No. The large field element plastic sheet is not legal for use on VIQRC Robots. Rule <R6> provides full guidance for legal Robot components, and a link to the VIQRC Legal Parts Appendix. The legal plastic sheets are listed below and in that appendix.

  • 228-2500-2710 - 2x12 Plastic PET Sheet
  • 228-2500-2711 - 6x6 Plastic PET Sheet
  • 228-2500-2712 - 6x12 Plastic PET Sheet
  • 276-7735-710 - 2x12 PET Sheet
  • 276-7735-711 - 6x6 PET Sheet
  • 276-7735-712 - 6x12 PET Sheet