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starting position robot hanging outside field perimeter

Laura Silverman (Event Partner)

<SG1><SG1> Can a part of a robot hang beyond the outside of the field in order to touch the Field Perimeter wall? The robot in question is 20" long but has a triangle piece that extends about 1 inch past the outside of the Field Perimeter when the lower part of the robot is in contact with the perimeter. <SG1> Pre-match setup. At the beginning of a Match, each Robot must meet the following criteria:

  1. Not contacting any Blocks, Goals or their supporting structure, Starting Pegs, or other Robots.
  2. Fit within an 11” wide x 20” long x 15” high (279mm x 508mm x 381mm) volume, as checked during inspection per <R3>.
  3. Contacting the inside and/or top face of the Field Perimeter wall that is between Goals I and II. See Figure 18.
Answered by committee

There is no rule that requires a Robot to be fully contained within the Field Perimeter at the beginning of the Match. The starting position you describe would be legal as long as all criteria of rules <SG1> and <R4> are met.