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IQ Pneumatics wires too short


We are experimenting with Pneumatics and find the wires coming with Pneumatics Kit are quite short and this makes it very hard to attach the Pneumatics system to the robot properly. We found the extension cables available on VEX site but they are currently not allowed in IQ, would it be possible to make the extension cables also legal for IQ? <R16>

<R16> Pneumatics. Robots using parts from the VEX IQ Pneumatics Kit (228-8795) must satisfy the following criteria: No more than two (2) Air Tanks, including any that aren’t connected. No more than (1) Pneumatic Pump, including any that aren’t connected. No additional parts that are not included in the VEX IQ Pneumatics Kit (e.g., unofficial tubing or fittings).

Answered by committee

No, using an extension cable between the Air Pump and Pneumatic Solenoid would not be legal.

The Pneumatic Solenoid connects to the Robot Brain with a standard VEX IQ Smart Cable, of which any legal length may be used.