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Parking <SC7>

Kymberly Tinsley (Event Partner)

Do robots need to be contacting the floor to be considered parked, or can they be sitting on top of blocks that have not been cleared from the supply zone just as long as the robot is within the boundaries of the supply zone? <SC7>

Answered by committee

Per the definition of Parked in the General Definitions section of the game manual, the only requirement for a Parked status is that the Robot be partially or fully within the Supply Zone. There is no requirement that the Robot be contacting the floor.

Parked – A Robot status at the end of the Match. • Partially Parked – A Robot is Partially Parked if it is partially within the Supply Zone. • Fully Parked – A Robot is Fully Parked if it is fully within the Supply Zone. • Double Parked – An Alliance is Double Parked if both Robots are Fully Parked.