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Is this starting legal?

Michael Li (Event Partner)

As the picture shows, when the robot starts, the part of the robot is above the block<SG1> without touch, is legal to start? img

Answered by committee

This starting position would be allowed If the Robot meets all criteria of rule <SG1>:

  1. Not contacting any Blocks, Goals or their supporting structure, Starting Pegs, or other Robots.
  2. Fit within an 11” wide x 20” long x 15” high (279mm x 508mm x 381mm) volume, as checked during inspection per <R3>.
  3. Contacting the inside and/or top face of the Field Perimeter wall that is between Goals I and II. See Figure 18.
  4. Have no motors or other mechanisms in motion or “running” until the Match begins. Pre-charging a pneumatic system (i.e., having the Pneumatic Pump running prior to the Match) is the only permitted exception to this rule.