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Handling the robot in an autonomous coding skill match <RSC5>


As outlined in "<RSC5>", the rule specifies that any blocks controlled by the Robot while it's being handled must be removed from the Field. This raises the question of whether the operator(driver) should remove any remaining blocks from the robot during manipulation in the autonomous coding skill match. If the driver is found handling the robot with blocks still inside, should the Referee issue a warning immediately? If no warning is given and the autonomous skill match proceeds to completion, should this particular match be deemed disqualified?

Answered by committee

Teams must ensure that they remove controlled blocks when resetting the Robot under rules <RSC5> or <G10>. Failure to do so will result in a DQ if the controlled Blocks are moved to a Scored position on the Field. Referees should monitor Robot resets closely, and require Drivers to remove controlled Blocks before the Robot resumes movement.

As described in rule <RSC5>,

Any Blocks being controlled by the Robot while being handled must be removed from the Field, and can be returned to the Supply Zone by a referee or Driver. “Controlled” requires that the Robot was manipulating the Block and not simply touching it (e.g., if the Block moves with the Robot either vertically or while turning, the Robot is controlling the Block).

If the Driver returns the Robot to the Field while still controlling one or more Blocks, the Referee should instruct the Driver to retrieve the Robot, remove the Blocks, and return the Robot to the Field in accordance with clause A of rule <RSC5>.

If the Driver fails to remove the controlled Blocks, and scores one or more of those Blocks in a Goal, it becomes a Score-Affecting Violation of rule <RSC5>. In accordance with the definition of Violation and the flowchart on page 8 of the game manual, the Team should earn a Major Violation and Disqualification for the Match. Per clause B of rule <T8>,

A Team that receives a Disqualification in a Robot Skills Match will receive a score of zero (0).