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Blocks being placed back in supply zone and under control of robot.

Cody Clay (Event Partner)

Can a block that is being returned to the field be placed into the direct control of a robot that is either partially or fully within the supply zones 3D confines as long as the block is placed within those 3 dimensional confines? An example of this would be to place a block on a robots conveyor or catapult mechanism that is hanging over, and in, the supply zone.

<SG3> Keep Blocks in the Field. Blocks that leave the Field during a Match may be returned to the Supply Zone by a Driver or Referee. Any Blocks which remain outside of the Field at the end of a Match will be considered “in” the Supply Zone (i.e., the Supply Zone will not be eligible to be Cleared). “Leaving the Field” means that a Block is outside of the Field Perimeter and no longer in contact with the Field, Field Elements, other Blocks, or Robots. If Blocks are removed from a Robot during a <G10> interaction, these Blocks are considered “out of the Field” as soon as they are no longer in contact with any Robots.

Answered by committee

The October 3rd Game Manual update included revisions to rule <SG3> which we feel answer your question. If anything is still unclear, please feel free to rephrase and re-submit.