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The goal was knocked crooked

俞瑾 陳


If the Goal is hit crooked, will the 3D space be crooked?

Answered by committee

As described in rule <T10> and quoted below,

Be prepared for minor field variance. Field Element tolerances may vary from nominal by up to ±1.0”, unless otherwise specified. Block weights may vary from nominal by up to ±2 grams. Teams are encouraged to design their Robots accordingly. Please make sure to check Appendix A for more specific nominal dimensions and tolerances.

If a Goal is moved beyond these tolerances, the Head Referee must determine whether it was damaged by a Robot or moved out of tolerance during normal gameplay. If the Goal was damaged by a Robot, the offending Team may be disabled and/or Disqualified under rule <S1>.

If a Goal goes out of tolerance as part of normal gameplay, a Match replay may be warranted as quoted below in clause #1 of rule <T7>,

Match replays are allowed, but rare. Match replays (i.e., playing a Match over again from its start) must be agreed upon by both the Event Partner and Head Referee, and will only be issued in the most extreme circumstances. Some example situations that may warrant a Match replay are as follows:

  1. Score Affecting “Field fault” issues.

a. Blocks not starting in the correct positions.

b. Field Elements detaching or moving beyond normal tolerances, not a result of Robot interactions.

If a Goal's configuration is altered slightly during gameplay, but remains within the tolerances allowed by <T10>, Referees should remember this note in rule <SC2>:

In cases where a Scoring status is “too close to call,” Teams will be given the “benefit of the doubt,” and the higher of the two possible Scoring statuses should be assigned. Head Referees will not be expected or required to define a perfect horizontal plane or check imperceptibly small measurements.