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In rule <R15>, are the subsections exemptions?

Matthew Buckley (Event Partner)

I've heard conflicting interpretations in conversation with others and was hoping for official clarification.

<R15> Modifications of parts. Parts may NOT be modified unless specifically listed as an exception in this rule. Examples of modifications include, but are not limited to, bending, cutting, sanding, gluing, or melting.

  • a. Cutting metal VEX IQ or VEX V5 shafts to custom lengths.
  • b. Bending parts which are intended to be flexible, such as string, rubber bands, or thin plastic sheets.
  • c. Cutting VEX IQ pneumatic tubing to custom lengths


Answered by committee

Thank you for your question! Yes, the subsections of rule <R15> are the permitted exceptions to the rule. This will be clarified in the next game manual update.