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Choosing Skills Fields

Traeton Dansby (Event Partner)

Considering how each Skills field will be set differently due to the randomization aspect of Full Volume, I have two questions:

  1. At what point should the supply zone on Skills fields be randomized? Should students be able to see how the field is set before they approach the field?
  2. When multiple Skills fields are offered at an event, should teams be allowed to choose which field they compete on or should they be assigned? If they are to be assigned, what should that process look like?


Answered by committee

During a Robot Skills Match, we would expect that Teams encounter a degree of Supply Zone randomization that is similar to what they would see in a Teamwork Challenge Match (i.e., as defined in <SG4>).

Just as specific queuing procedures are outside of the scope of the Game Manual, the exact mechanism or process for handling this randomization will be at the Event Partner's discretion. It will likely vary depending on event size, number/location of fields, available volunteer resources, etc.

Some possible methods could include:

  • A referee re-randomizing the Supply Zone while Teams are setting up their Robots
  • A queuing volunteer assigning fields to Teams when they reach the front of the line