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Official Q&A: VIQRC 2023-2024: Full Volume

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New Pneumatics count as motors?


We were very surprised and excited to see pre-orders open up for the new IQ Pneumatics Kit. Thank you VEX Robotics for making that possible.

Since it's listed as VIQRC legal, we wondered: does it count in any way towards the 6 motor limit, per <R12>? Or will there be a separate limit established regarding pneumatics?

Clearly there must be an electric motor inside the pump - so one line of reasoning would count each pump as a single motor. That could make sense, but we wanted to know for certain. Any clarification here and in the next game manual release would be appreciated of course. Thank you.

Answered by committee

The rules pertaining to the use of the new VEX IQ Pneumatics Kit will be included in the June 27 update to the Full Volume Game Manual.