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Is it legal if robot remove disc without contact or trigger the dispensers?


<SC5> Is it legal to remove the disc from the dispenser without trigger the dispensers? We see several team use this Mechanism to remove the disc from purple dispenser or yellow dispenser. Instead of spin the trigger roll or the gear on the dispenser, they contact the discs directly and remove them directly with pulley or sprocket. For example Without contact or trigger the dispenser, Does it count as legally remove? Thanks!

Answered by committee

As stated in the introduction of the Slapshot Game Manual, "Obviously, all Teams must adhere to these rules, and any stated intents of these rules. However, beyond that, there is no 'right' way to play. There are no hidden restrictions, assumptions, or intended interpretations beyond what is written here."

The rules do not specify how a Dispenser must be triggered, other than noting in <G11> that the Purple Dispenser cannot be rotated in a clockwise direction. Provided no rules are violated in the process, including <G8> (drivers can't intentionally contact things inside the Field) and <G11> (don't damage the field), Teams may remove Discs from Dispensers however they choose.