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Teamwork Matches Robot Starting Positions.

Israel Hernandez (Event Partner)

Our question is regarding the starting positions of the robots in Teamwork Matches. We are an event partner and many teams were asking about starting positions for their robot. In the game manual, It does address robot starting positions for Live Remote Matches in rule <LRT6> along with figure 23. But there is no such rule for on-site teamwork matches. The only documentation that addresses starting positions is on page 8 of the game manual (Starting Position) where the Figure 17 shows 2 robots on opposite sides of the field, but the actual wording doesn't state that robots must start on opposite sides of the field. Thus, the item in question is whether alliances can start both robots on the same side of the field. Thank you!

Robots must begin Live Remote Matches, in one of the highlighted Starting Positions depicted below. In addition, only one Robot from the Alliance may start on a given side of the field, as shown in Figure 23; i.e. one Robot must start on the “audience side”, and one Robot must start on the “Driver Station side”

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