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Driver Positions for Teamwork Match


Looking at Figure 2, which appears to try and explain the Driver Station configuration for Teamwork Matches, I'm a little unsure of the options and how it is decided which configuration will be used. From what I can tell, at the start of a match the two teams in the alliance can choose to start on opposite ends (like last year) or both start on the long side of the field, with both on the same side (like years prior to last year). Is this correct? Figure 2 doesn't show a blue starting position on the bottom picture so I'm a little confused. It could be that teams can choose to stand on opposite ends, opposite sides, or both teams on the same side. What are the options, and who decides which option will be used? Do the teams decide this at the beginning of each match, or is that decided globally for a tournament by the EP?

Thanks for your clarification.

Answered by committee

Driver station configuration is determined by the Event Partner, and should be the same across all fields at a given event.

One configuration requires each team to stand on the opposing 6' ends of the field. The other requires both teams to stand on the 8' side of the field, facing the audience.

Teams should be prepared to use either configuration at any given tournament.