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The Q&A is closed for the 2021-2022 season. Any rule changes or clarifications pertaining to the 2022 VEX Robotics World Championship will be included in the April 5 Game Manual Update. Teams attending VEX Worlds who wish to pre-submit questions for the driver's meeting should have received a contact form via email; if not, please contact your REC Foundation Team Engagement Manager for more information.

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R14 - non damaging and detachable parts


In the final moments of the match, before a low hang, a triangle plate on the robot would get intentionally knocked off of the robot by running into the low bar. This action would allow for the hanging mechanism to to engage and work properly.

According to R14, the intentional detachment of the triangle plate would be legal because it is NOT prohibited. We have confirmed through testing that this action poses no risk of damage to field elements or balls, can not damage other robots and can not entangle other robots. Are we reading this correctly?

Further, according to inspection checklist, the R14 question asks if you have any intentionally detachable parts. By answering YES, would this FAIL INSPECTION or should this robot with the detachable (non damaging part) triangle plate be legal and pass inspection?

Answered by committee

R14 reads as follows:

<R14> Prohibited items. The following types of mechanisms and components are NOT allowed:

a. Those that could potentially damage Field Elements or Balls.

b. Those that could potentially damage other Robots.

c. Those that pose an unnecessary risk of entanglement.

Please also see rule G13, quoted here for reference, with a portion bolded for emphasis:

<G13> Keep your Robot together. Robots may not intentionally detach parts or leave mechanisms on the Field during any Match. If an intentionally detached component or mechanism affects game play, the Team may be Disqualified at the Head Referee’s discretion. Parts that become unintentionally detached from the Robot are no longer considered to be part of the Robot and can be either left on the Field, or collected by a Driver (utilizing <G18>).

Although detachable parts are not, by themselves, considered a violation of R14, this question is asked during the inspection process to assist Teams in identifying potentially illegal mechanisms before entering the field. A mechanism which detaches from the Robot in order to aid in Hanging would be considered "affecting gameplay", and therefore a violation of G13.