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Official Q&A: VIQC 2019-2020: Squared Away

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Welcome to the official VEX Robotics Competition Question & Answer system, where all registered teams have the opportunity to ask for official rules interpretations and clarifications. This Q&A system is the only source for official VIQC Squared Away rules clarifications, and the clarifications made here from the Game Design Committee (GDC) are considered as official and binding as the written Game Manual itself.

Please review the Q&A Usage Guidelines before posting. This system is only intended for specific VIQC Squared Away rules questions.

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Questions with tag: G17

Broken piece of robot touching scored object

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Let us not miss the opportunity to learn from the discussion of Strategically moving Game Elements

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G17, RSC5, & G7 request for official clarification before State & Worlds

Christopher Low (Event Partner)
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Delay in resetting robot during teamwork

David Sankey (Event Partner)
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How to Referee the unintentional shifting of cubes while strategically placing cube with RSC5 rule

Brandon Petersen (Event Partner)
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Is it ‘legal’ to Strategically Move Game Objects 7 feet across the board in Programming Skills Matches when resetting the robot and the Game Object(s) that had been ‘controlled by the robot’?

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G17 It is not intended for Teams to use as part of a strategy to gain an advantage during a Match, including via moving Game Objects per parts c and d above.

Dice Maruyama (Event Partner)
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G17 c. Any Game Object being controlled by the Robot while being handled must be removed from the Robot and gently placed in a non-Scored position by the Team

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Programming reset while touching cube... Strategically...

David Sankey (Event Partner)
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Returning Game Elements Back to Field

Jon Kitagawa (Event Partner)
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