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Is This Starting Position Legal?


I have a question about the starting position in the VEX IQ skill challenge. During the program skill challenge, If my robot start in the position below, is it legal? The driving base is within the starting position, the arm is longer, but not touching the the cube. img

Answered by Game Design Committee

Thank you for providing an image to help clarify your question. However, please review the Q&A Usage Guidelines, specifically point 3, "Quote the applicable rule from the latest version of the manual in your question.". The definition of Starting Position, and rule G4, are quoted as follows:

Starting Position - The two (2) designated 11” x 19” (279mm x 482.6mm) spots on the field where Robots must start the Match. Starting Positions are bounded by the inner edges of the long black lines, outer edge of the short black line, and the inner edge of the field perimeter. See Figure 2 for more details.

<G4> Pre-match setup. At the beginning of a Match, each Robot must meet the following criteria: a. Only be contacting the Floor and/or Field Perimeter. **b. Fit within an 11” x 19” (279.4mm x 482.6mm) area, bounded by the Starting Position. ** c. Be no taller than 15” from the Floor.

The Robot in the photo you have referenced extends past the inner edges of the long black lines in the Starting Position, and would therefore not be legal.

One "thought experiment" to help determine if a Robot is within the Starting Position would be to imagine a spotlight shining down on the Robot - if its shadow would fall within the Starting Position, then it is legal. This similar Q&A provides another test that Head Referees can perform before a Match:

for a Robot which pushes the limit of allowable size, a measuring tool could be as simple as sliding a VEX IQ beam or plate along the edges of the Starting Position. (the crossbar of the VEX IQ Challenge Sizing Tool, turned vertically, could also be used)

This answer is the same for Teamwork Challenge, Driving Skills Challenge, and Programming Skills Challenge Matches.