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Official Q&A: VIQC 2019-2020: Squared Away

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Clarification on RSC5 and the meaning of Controlled

Mohammed Eldeeb

Referencing to <RSC5> and <Q471> “” In the Q471 the answer to the meaning of the cube being controlled was and I quote “if, upon lifting the Robot for a reset, the Game Object is left behind on the Floor, then it would not have qualified as "controlled".”

this raises many questions some of which are:

1- In the 1st picture the robot is not touching the cube, but if the robot was lifted it will lift the cube as well, would the cube be considered “Controlled” in this state ?

2- In the 2nd picture if the robot is touching a scored cube as shown, if the robot is lifted the cube will not be affected, would the cube be considered “Not Controlled” in this state ?

3- if the cube is considered controlled in the 2nd question, should the referee ask the team to move the cube to a non-scored position ?

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Answered by Game Design Committee

First, it is important to note that there are multiple types of Game Objects on the Field, and an infinite number of ways for Robots to interact with these objects. Because of this, it would be impossible to provide a blanket statement that would encompass all possibilities of Robot interactions that would be defined as "control". Similarly, we will not be able to provide answers based on snapshots of possible hypothetical interactions.

To help Head Referees make an on-site judgment call based on the context that they observe in a Match, we recommend the following thought exercises:

  • If the Robot were to be lifted away, would the Game Object come with the Robot?
  • If the Floor were to drop out (and the Robot were to remain floating in space), would the Game Object fall with the Floor, or stay with the Robot?
  • If the Robot were to slide away from the Game Object, would the object come with the Robot?
  • Could another Robot interact with the Game Object, without any interference/difficulty from the Robot in question?
  • If the Robot were to turn, would the Game Object turn with it?