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Swapping Out Subsystem 3


This is in reference to rule R2. My team is questioning how R2 is being interpreted with respect to subsystem 3. They have discussed amongst themselves what on their robot qualifies as subsystems 1, 2, and 3. As a result, they have concluded that the mechanism in question is classified as subsystem 3 (as states in the game manual, "Additional mechanisms (and associated Smart Motors) that allow manipulation of Game Objects or navigation of Field obstacles"). This mechanism is used to intake balls and place on top of cubes. They would like to replace this mechanism with one that is able to carry a cube.

The question: Can they swap out subsystem 3 throughout a competition? Meaning, can they use one mechanism for the robot skills challenge, go back to the pits, and swap out that mechanism for the other for their qualification match? Both configurations of the robot would need to be inspected (before the competition starts) in order to ensure legality.

Thank you!

Answered by Game Design Committee

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