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Delay in resetting robot during teamwork

David Sankey (Event Partner)


Is it OK if there is a delay for < G17 >b?

For example, a robot is completely inoperable in the field and is in the way of the other bot trying to score. The team sets down their controller and picks up the robot. They hold onto the robot until there are just a couple of seconds left in the match to stay out of the way of the other bot trying to score.

Would this be legal?

Answered by Game Design Committee

G17 does not specify a limited window of time given to a Team to repair their Robot, with the following caveats:

  • At a minimum, the Robot must have actually met one of the criteria listed in G17 ("goes completely outside the playing Field, gets stuck, tips over, or otherwise requires assistance").
  • There are some scenarios where a Head Referee could interpret taking an extended amount of time as a strategic exploit. Debating how much is an acceptable window of time, or what contextual situations would be considered strategic, is missing the intent of G17 and the role of a Head Referee's judgment call. We would advise Head Referees to give Teams the "benefit of the doubt" when a Robot is legitimately damaged or otherwise requires assistance.
  • Any scenario where a Team has coerced another Team to utilize G17 as a tactic to "stay out of their way" would likely lead to a G1 and/or Code of Conduct investigation.

The explicit scenario described in your question would be legal, as the snapshot description implies that the Robot was indeed damaged beyond repair.