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Is there a limit to balls in a cube

Benton Witte (Event Partner)

it had come up a a few events that people say that only 4 balls can count as scored inside a cube. I have searched the rules and have not seen mention of this. is this ruling accurate?

Answered by Game Design Committee

No, there is no limit to the number of Balls that can be Scored "inside" a Cube, provided that all Balls meet the definition of "Scored"

a. A Ball is Scored inside of a Cube if it meets the following criteria:

i. The Ball is at least partially within the three-dimensional volume defined by the outer edges of the Cube’s structure.

ii. The Ball is not contacting the Floor “outside” of the Cube. The portion of the Floor which is “outside” of the Cube is roughly defined as a vertical projection of the Cube onto the Floor beneath the Cube, regardless of the Cube’s orientation.