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Official Q&A: VIQC 2019-2020: Squared Away

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Ball inside cube, both are "out of the field"


A ball and a cube both leave the field as described in G10 , with the ball coming to rest inside the cube. Going strictly by the definition of scored , the ball meets all conditions.

In the cube was considered scored because it met all conditions despite touching the actual floor outside of the field

In the cube that was "out of the field" was determined to be ineligible for gameplay.

Would the ball not be considered scored because the cube is "out of the field"?

Answered by Game Design Committee

As noted in your linked Q&A 414, a Game Object which is "outside of the vertical projection of the Field Perimeter and no longer in contact with the Field, Field Elements, other Game Objects, or Robots", is now considered "out of the Field", and is ineligible for gameplay. "Ineligible for gameplay" is intended to encompass "ineligible for any Scoring".

No, the Ball would not be considered Scored.