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Clarification on 'Driver Controlx


The Game Manual defines Driver Controlled as "A Robot operating under the control of a Driver". Does this mean a driver can execute a program via the controller to score points autonomously? Or does this mean the driver must manually control the robot exclusively? Or are both of these conditions allowed so long as the Driver is initiated either manual or autonomous operation?

Answered by Game Design Committee

Yes, this is legal.

As long as a robot is receiving input from the VEX IQ Controller, the Robot is considered under "Driver Control". What a team decides to do with that input is entirely their choice. For example, some Teams may choose to:

  • Move a motor until the input is released, or for a pre-defined amount of time
  • Set a mechanism to a predefined position, involving synchronized movement of multiple motors at once
  • Move a motor until a sensor has been triggered
  • Execute a set of sequential motor movements, some of which respond to sensor values

These are all forms of automation that can be a valuable way to introduce Students to programming concepts.