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Official Q&A: VIQC 2019-2020: Squared Away

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Cube touching score zone, but also on wall

Laura Silverman (Event Partner)

If a blue or red cube is in contact with the appropriate color Corner Goal, but is also leaning on a wall, does it count as scored? The rule is not specific on this scenerio:

c. A Cube is Scored in a Corner Goal if any part of it is contacting a Corner Goal of the same color as the Cube. See the definition of Corner Goal for specific details.

Corner Goal – One of the four 6” square goals located in the corners of the Floor that are used to Score Cubes. The inside edges of the black lines surrounding the Corner Goal mark the outer edges of the goal. The Corner Goal is defined as this portion of the Floor, not the 3-dimensional volume above it. The field perimeter and black lines are not considered part of the Corner Goal.


Answered by Game Design Committee

As you quoted, the only criteria that should be used when determining whether a Cube is considered Scored or not is whether any part of it is contacting a Corner Goal.

In the photo you have provided, the bottom edge of the Cube does appear to be contacting the Corner Goal. Therefore, it would be considered Scored.