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Official Q&A: VIQC 2019-2020: Squared Away

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Ball in Cube, but cube is elevated by wall

Laura Silverman (Event Partner)

If a ball is inside a cube but the cube is angled from the floor because part of the cube is on the wall, does the ball still score? This is not specifically addressed in the rules:

a. A Ball is Scored inside of a Cube if it meets the following criteria:

i. The Ball is at least partially within the three-dimensional volume defined by the outer edges of the Cube’s structure.

ii. The Ball is not contacting the Floor “outside” of the Cube. The portion of the Floor which is “outside” of the Cube is roughly defined as a vertical projection of the Cube onto the Floor beneath the Cube, regardless of the Cube’s orientation.


Answered by Game Design Committee

Please see this similar Q&A, which appears to answer your question. A Game Manual Update following this question also added Figure 8, which depicts this scenario and provides additional confirmation. If these do not provide a sufficient answer, please feel free to re-phrase and re-submit.

It would not be feasible to depict every possible Ball / Cube orientation in the Game Manual. So, in addition to the overarching criteria that you quoted which should be able apply to most situations, the Game Manual also provides the following "benefit of the doubt" guidance to Head Referees when an extreme circumstance does arise:

Teams may encounter other Ball/Cube states than the examples depicted in the figures below. In these cases, as long as Ball satisfies criteria “a” and does not clearly violate criteria “b”, then the Ball should generally be considered Scored inside of a Cube. Teams will be given the “benefit of the doubt” in these judgment calls, as Head Referees will not be expected or required to define a perfectly rigid imaginary vertical projection or check minute measurements.