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Official Q&A: VIQC 2019-2020: Squared Away

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Ball on and in.... points?


A ball is placed in a square, which is then lifted and placed on top of the second square with the crossbar furthest away from the floor.

Does the ball count as 3 points? 2 for being on top of one square and 1 for being in the other square? The rules talk about being both inside and on A square, but this involves 2 squares....

While this is unlikely to happen, it is a question that came up from our students.

Answered by Game Design Committee

From the definition of Scored in the Game Manual:

Note: If a Ball meets the criteria for both “inside” and “on top of” a Cube (i.e. criteria 1 and 2), then it counts as being on top of a Cube (i.e. criteria 2).

This note does not provide any restrictions that the criteria must apply to a single Cube; it only refers to a Ball which is considered Scored in/on any Cube.

In your example, the Ball would meet the criteria for being both "inside" and "on top of" a Cube, regardless of the fact that the criteria apply to separate Cubes. Therefore, it would be considered "on top of a Cube", and count for 2 points.