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Students with Disabilities: Accommodations (sitting)

Lakristal Horne
  1. Is it okay for a student with physical disability to sit in a wheelchair or on a walker during the match?
Answered by Game Design Committee

There are no rules prohibiting this, thus it is legal.

Rule <T15> states the following (bolded for emphasis):

<T15> Fields may be raised or on the floor. Some tournaments may choose to place the playing field on the floor, or elevated off the floor (common heights are 12” to 24” [30.5cm to 61cm]). No Drive Team Members may stand on any sort of object during a Match, regardless of whether the field is on the floor or elevated.

The intent of this rule is to help ensure Student safety; standing on a stepstool could pose a trip/fall hazard. This rule is not intended to restrict Students who require medical accommodations, such as a wheelchair, walker, crutches, etc.

It is always helpful to review any specific requests or accommodations with your Event Partner and/or Head Referee at the beginning of an event to ensure that there is no confusion when it comes time for a Match.