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Official Q&A: VIQC 2019-2020: Squared Away

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Squared Away Game Manual Errata Questions and Suggestions


Possible issues with VEX IQ Challenge Squared Away - Game Manual

I did attempt to send this to RECF and was told to post here. These are all related questions I have, though they may be written as assertions, they reflect my best guess. I understand there is a revision coming soon. I do notice 3 of the 4 Q&A questions posted here are unanswered.

Use of “ranking” or “seeded” throughout needs to be clear that it results from Qualifying Matches and is used in Finals Matches.

Examples: P22 Qualifying Match definition just says “event rankings”.

Then P23 “T2” “ranked” is used without definition.

It isn’t until “T7” that “ranked” is used in a way that defines it by context. And then more explicitly in p24 “T11”.

On P24 “T11” b. and c. “seeded” is used instead; and “rank” means what here?

Robot Skills Rules mention “ranked”, different meaning?, maybe use different word?

Example: In “RSC2” perhaps use “Teams will be awarded a Skills Score based on the sum of their highest Programming Skills Match score and highest Driving Skills Match score.” Or “will be awarded a Skills Score Total”, or "will be awarded a Total Skills Score".


Perhaps a definition for “Ranking” or “Seed” in Tournament Definitions and consistent use throughout.

Other Questions

P24 “T11” a. Uses "Elimination Match" instead of Qualifying Match.

P24 “T11” b. easily confused with Qualifying Match ranking ties. Perhaps could be “Ties for first place in Finals Matches will result in tiebreaker match(es); starting…”

P23 “T6” Match partners for Programming Skills? Probably this rule is for Qualifying Matches.

“G16” “Handling the Robot mid-match is allowed under certain circumstances” doesn’t mention “RSC4”. But “RSC4” (about Programming Skills) refers back to “G16” to assert rules for Driving Skills. Kinda convoluted. Related Q: Freedom to be outside Drivers Station during Programming Matches is only when handling Robot, or during entire Match?

Duplicate Rules

There are two (2) “G7”s.

There are 2 “RSC2”s.


Caption for figure 17, P9 seems incorrect.


Bolding and italics on p23 "The Head Referees’ rulings are final."

P 22 "and may include Practice Matches." Are Practice Matches allowed for Robot Skills?

P23 “T3” time outs for Robot Skills?

Answered by Game Design Committee

Thank you for this list. Many of these changes were incorporated in the June 14th Game Manual Update. If you have future suggestions for typo-fixes or clarifications, feel free to email us directly at [email protected].