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Shoot disc after the end buzzer

Daniel Yu (Event Partner)

When the team shoots disc or discs after the end buzzer, and not only landed in scoring positions but it could also be match affecting even the discs shot after buzzer is removed. Multiple discs could be moved because of it, and it's impossible for EP to keep track the original positions of the discs at the end game buzzer. What would be the proper call at this situation?

Answered by committee

Please see rule SC1, quoted here for reference:

<SC1> All Scoring statuses are evaluated immediately after the Match ends, once all Discs, Field Elements, and Robots on the Field come to rest.

If the shot is taken prior to the end-of-Match buzzer, then it may still be considered "in play". It should be scored where it eventually comes to rest, as well as any other Discs that are contacted or move as a result of this Disc being shot.

If the shot is taken after the end-of-Match buzzer, point "c" of SC1 applies:

c. This rule’s intent is for Driver inputs and Robot motion to cease at the end of the Match. A pre-programmed routine which causes Robot motion to continue after the end of the Match would violate the spirit of this rule.** Any Scoring which takes place after the Match due to Robots continuing to move will not count.**

The post-Match Disc should not count. Therefore, we would recommend that the Head Referee remove the Disc in question, so there is no confusion. This is the only Disc that should be removed from the field; all other Discs will still count for points.