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Official Q&A: VIQC 2019-2020: Squared Away Usage Guidelines

Strengthening Field Elements

Claus Buchholz (Event Partner)
10 months ago

May an EP minimally modify field elements to improve strength? For example, the platform hook attaches with two pins. May we add a third pin between the two?


Answered by Game Design Committee

Yes, this would be permitted.

In general, modifications that do not affect gameplay or Robot interaction, such as additional pins that do not protrude outside of the specified structure, are fine. An example of a modification that would not be permissible would be to add extra beams that change overall dimensions in height, length, width and/or thickness of the Platforms. However, if considering a possible modification, we would always advise EP's to post an official Q&A for confirmation.

On a related note, the VIQC Field Appendix includes the following advice for Teams:

Field components may vary slightly from event to event. This is to be expected; teams will need to adapt accordingly. It is good design practice to create mechanisms capable of accommodating variances in the field and game pieces.