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Official Q&A: VIQC 2019-2020: Squared Away Usage Guidelines

May teams use VRC license plates in lieu of the VIQ ones?

8 months ago

My students asked me to confirm the legality of using VRC Team Number plates (228-2500-292) as license plates in the VEX IQ Challenge. They are legal parts and can be used for structure, but may they also officially replace the smaller white VEX IQ license plates in competition? The team number will be clearly displayed at all times and they will be mounted on opposite sides of the robot and will conform to all of the license plate rules <R3> as well as robot sizing <R4>. It's entirely for aesthetic reasons (they like the colors and size) so it's no problem if it's not allowed. They just wanted to get permission before inspection. Thank you for your time and clarification!

<R3> Only registered Teams may compete in the VEX IQ Challenge. To participate in an official VEX IQ Challenge Event, a Team must first register on Upon registering they will receive their VEX IQ Challenge Team Number and two (2) VEX IQ Challenge License Plates. Every Robot should have their VEX IQ Challenge License Plates displayed on two opposing sides with their VEX IQ Challenge Team Number clearly written or printed upon it. a. License Plates must fulfill all Robot rules. b. License Plates must be clearly visible at all times. For example, License Plates must not be in a position that would be easily obstructed by a Robot mechanism during standard Match play. Figure 25: A VEX IQ Challenge License Plate with a VEX IQ Challenge Team Number written upon it.