Official Q&A: VIQC 2019-2020: Squared Away Usage Guidelines

When can Elementary "play up"?

David Sankey (Event Partner)
5 months ago

Team - Two or more Students make up a Team. A Team is classified as an Elementary School Team if all members are Elementary School Students. A Team is classified as a Middle School Team if any members are Middle School Students, or made up of Elementary School Students who declare themselves “playing up” as Middle School Students by registering their team as a Middle School Team. Once declared and playing as a Middle School Team, that team may not change back to an Elementary School Team for the remainder of the season. Teams may be associated with schools, community/youth organizations, or a group of neighborhood Students.

Can an Elementary team "play up" midway through the season?
Can they make this decision after competing in a tournament as elementary? Can they make this decision after they register but before they play?